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Mint&Serf Present Never Too Young

Mint&Serf, from artists to curators.
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Mint&Serf “Support, Therapy And Instability” Book Release

Enter to win a copy of the book.
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Mint&Serf “Support, Therapy and Instability” Pre-Release at Scrapyard Today

Get a hold of MINT&SERF's brand new book today in New York City.
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Mint&Serf Paint Metallica Museum

The weekend had its high and lows with MIRF hitting Atlantic City, then getting kicked out. Peep how PPP left their mark.
Mint and Serf Press Conference Graffiti

Mint&Serf Saying It and Spraying It

Mint and Serf have been marking their territory for many years via spray paint that they "acquired" from various outlets. But as o...