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Don’t Fuck Up This Election With A Selfie

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." -Abraham Lincoln
american-psycho-selfie News

Study Says Men Who Take Hella Selfies Are Psychopaths

Good job on the self-portrait, bruh, really.
juan-francisco-casas-stranger-than-fiction-jonathan-levine-gallery Art

“Stranger Than Fiction” at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Welcome to hyperrealism.
You can now takes selfies with your character in GTA IV Tech/Games

You Can Now Take Selfies in GTA IV

Say Cheese for Niko.
Rick Ross Suicidal Selfie Real Talk

Rap and the “Suicidal Selfie”

Putting the (metaphorical) chrome to your dome.
Kanye West Instagram Selfie Real Talk

Ignorant #Selfies

It doesn't matter if you're dark or light with Instagram.