energy drinks in a grocery story. News

Energy Drinks When You’re Under 25 Can Lead to More Cocaine Use

Too lit
Studies show old mice are smarter when exposed to THC. News

The Older You Get, the Smarter You Are When You’re Stoned

If you're a mouse, that is
hemp-oil-cbd News

Mexico City Study Shows CBD Oil Reduces Seizures For 84% Of Patients

Another reason Mexico rocks
study-shows-black-males-size-overestimated News

Study Proves White People Terrified of Black People—Again

Both white and black subjects saw black men as bigger; only whites saw them as more threatening
head News

Pleasure From Music is Just Like Sex and Drugs, Study Finds

Listen carefully
creture News

Our Earliest Human Ancestor Had A Big Mouth and No Anus

This explains a lot actually.
The COSMOS field Drugs

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Helped Ease Anxiety of Death In Cancer Patients

"Psilocybin may represent a potential paradigm shift." -Dr. Griffiths
c Knowledge

Experts To Parents: Stop Lying To Your Kids About Santa Claus

“Who among us could claim constant goodness if watched at all times?”
ancient_weed_stash_china_ma News

Ancient Weed Stash Seized By Archaeologists

Living the high life!
pigeons_nyc_science News

Pigeons Are More Likely To Correct Themselves Than Republicans

Birds of a feather flock together unless they're headed in the wrong direction
science_weed_story Drugs

Science Attempts To Answer Question Puzzling Mankind for Ages: How Much Weed Is ...

New research sheds light on ancient mystery
cheating-fingers-phone-header News

Fingering Cheaters: Science Ties Finger Length to Promiscuity

Know once and for all if you share that girl.
american-psycho-selfie News

Study Says Men Who Take Hella Selfies Are Psychopaths

Good job on the self-portrait, bruh, really.
what-a-black-hole-really-looks-like Film

Holy Shit: New Film “Interstellar” Schools Scientists on Black Hole Truth

Christopher Nolan is part of a new age in scientific research and innovation.
Dirty Money Is Dirtier Than You Think News

Dirty Money Is Dirtier Than You Thought

Your money's been getting down and dirty with strippers, horses and drug dealers.