San Francisco

SF_Police_Union Politics

Judge Will Not Interfere With New Policy Prohibiting SF Police From Choking People

State judge to police union: FOH!
colin_tina_knowles_national_anthem News

The National Anthem Is Racist: Beyoncé’s Mom Defends 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick

“I’d like to know if they are as outraged by all the senseless killing of minorities, all of the racial injustices in America, tha...
greg suhr News

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr Resigns After Scandals and Police Shootings

Mayor Ed Lee asked Suhr to resign following a wave of protests
nonprofit marijuana dispensary Drugs

San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop Will Become a Nonprofit Marijuana Dispensary

From now on, High Bridge will be associated with medicine, not violence
racist texts News

San Francisco Cops Have Been Caught Sending Racist Texts Again

“The N word was used many times.”
Swoon Monica Canilao Witch-Wife Closeup of Sonya Art

Swoon and Monica Canilao Unveil ‘Witch-Wife’ at Chandran Gallery

Jointly exploring mystical practices of introspection
san francisco police News

Justice Department Announces Investigation of San Francisco Police

The DOJ is turning a watchful eye on the nation's cops.
Mirus-Gallery_Felipe-Pantone_OPTICHROMIE-39_2016 Art

Felipe Pantone On His First Solo U.S. Show ‘W3-Dimensional’

"I hear often that my art is futuristic. I think my work belongs to the present."
coze-san-francisco-civil-charges Graffiti

San Francisco Hits Graffiti Writer With $200,000 Fine

The city gets very aggressive.
black lives matter News

Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down San Francisco Bay Bridge

Protesters called the protest “the day when we reclaim MLK’s radical legacy.”
barry mcgee china-boo Art

Barry McGee’s ‘China Boo’ Opens in San Francisco

Twist is still king.
Amuse-126-CMYK Events

Catch Pemex, Amuse, and Rpes at 1AM Gallery

The three artists will show drawings featuring limited color schemes for the 'CMYK' show.
Six San Francisco Police Officers Indicted Multiple Corruption Charges News

3,000 Criminal Cases Will Be Reinvestigated Due to San Francisco Cops’ Racist Texts

“If just one individual was wrongly imprisoned because of bias on the part of these officers — that’s one too many."

San Francisco Police Department Plans to Fire 8 Officers Over Racist Texts

A police chief finally takes action against racism under his watch.
usugrow fifty24sf works20072013 exhibit book 2014 Art

Usugrow “New Works” Book Release and “INKFLOW” Solo Show at Fifty24SF

Usugrow represents a fusion of innovation and tradition. Pointillism meets Japanese calligraphy.
Dusti Henry SF Treat Skate

Dustin Henry “SF Treat” Part

Gettin' Rice-A-Roni with it.