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Colin Kaepernick Close to New Deal With 49ers, Could Be on Verge of Starting

Sundays could be getting a lot more interesting for the controversial QB
kaepernick_pig_cop_socks News

Colin Kaepernick Defends Socks That Depict Cops As Pigs

Needless to say, no one who was outraged before is changing their mind
Colin-Kaepernick-madden-15-2014-tattoos Art

It’s in the Game: Why Colin Kaepernick’s Tatoos in Madden ’15 Matter

If you want ink in the game, you better get it on paper.
dirt-nasty-off-tha wall Off Tha' Wall

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Dirt Nasty

This episode of Off Tha’ Wall features the one and only Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty of Three Loco. The producer/rapper/actor/comedian...