Roger Gastman

washington d.c. graffiti legend cool "disco" dan pointing out his incredible and iconic tag Features

Washington D.C. Graffiti Writers Reflect On Cool “Disco” Dan’s Legacy

Remembering the man who represented of the "other D.C."
Wall Writers Running with Spraycan Books

‘Wall Writers’: Roger Gastman’s Comprehensive Look at the Origins of Writing Cul...

A no-stone-left-unturned history lesson as valentine to the beginnings of the writing movement.
POSE Couples Therapy Cover Art

POSE Releases Limited Edition Artist’s Book, ‘Couples Therapy’

Get a glimpse of the MSK soldier's first book.
WIP Pose Art

Work In Progress: Roger Gastman and Doug Davis’ New Art Marketplace

Go holiday shopping with REVOK, POSE, and Adam Wallacavage at L.A.'s karaoke club turned pop art funhouse.
Roger Gastman Jonathan Levine Art

Roger Gastman and Jonathan LeVine Talk “Cruel Summer” Over Pizza

Teletubbies, 'Za, and Art.
Cool Disco Dan Brick Wall Film

Forget Bansky and Go Support Cool “Disco” Dan

Learn about the infamous Washington D.C. writer that survived the infamous pitfalls of Chocolate City and made a name for himself.
While You Were Sleeping Books

Roger Gastman Went to Town While You Were Sleeping

Find out how music, graffiti, pornography, and people's naked sisters helped Roger Gastman learn about business.
film documentary Roger Gastman graffiti art street art Film

Old Wall Writers Stay Up In Graff Doc

If you're guilty of not knowing about author/director Roger Gastman, his new documentary Wall Writers: Graffiti In Its Innocen...