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Did Anyone Ask Hulk Hogan For His Opinion On Bill Maher’s “House N*gger” Comment?


The Worst Part of Bill Maher Calling Himself a “House N*gger”? No One Blinked

A U.S. Senator sitting directly across from Maher just kept on smiling
Bill Maher News

HBO Dingleberry Bill Maher Calls Himself A “House N*gger” On ‘Real Time’

Internet explodes
KKK News

White People With Torches Protested Removal of Confederate Statue In Virginia

Punched-In-the-face Nazi Richard Spencer lead the racist idiot brigade
James Scott Lee News

“I’m Gonna Kill Me One Today” Says White Guy Who Attempted Stabbing A Black Man

Would you believe he was from Texas?
Cop Arrest News

Racial Bias in Weed Arrests Continues Despite Decriminalization

Happy 420?
Tomi Lahren News

White Power Barbie Tomi Lahren Now Feels “Lost”

The lady who called Black Lives Matter "the new KKK"
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Study Proves Cops Are Nicer To White Folks

Shocking, right?
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More Bad News for Fox News

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
banana-in-the-tail-pipe-prank Features

Knowledge Darts Vol. 8: The End Of March Madness

If there’s one thing Bostonians love, it’s a fight.
the-simpsons-vs-fox-news-1 News

Fox News Is Getting Sued For Racial Discrimination

Probably because they're racist
Tommy Benton News

Georgia Lawmaker Proposes “Confederate History Month”

Hit him up on Facebook and share your thoughts!
Trayvon Martin News

Trayvon Martin Documentary Series Coming Courtesy of Jay Z

Feature film also in the works.
Darren Wilson in Hospital News

Ferguson Police Admit Former Officer Darren Wilson Often Used N-Word

Further proof of systemic racism within the Ferguson PD
study-shows-black-males-size-overestimated News

Study Proves White People Terrified of Black People—Again

Both white and black subjects saw black men as bigger; only whites saw them as more threatening
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“Kill A Ni##$%, White Power” Video Being Investigated By Police

This shit is getting old