victoria's secret News

Victoria’s Secret Models Under Fire For Rapping N-Word In “Bodak Yellow”

Don't get comfortable, look
donald-trump News

Trump Insults Native Americans At Event Honoring Native Americans

Yes, the President really made a "Pocahontas" joke
coco Film

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Can’t Erase Disney’s Racist Past, But It Hits All The Right Notes

No Mickey Mouse Club here, b
meet-a-black-person News

Sheltered White People Can Now Meet Black People at a Georgia Networking Event

Make America network again
hate-crimes News

New FBI Hate Crime Stats Prove Yet Again that White People are the Worst

blackfacebankrobber News

A White Man Wore Blackface to Rob a Bank

What an idiot
cabaret_law Crime

New York’s Cabaret Law Was a Racist Disgrace

Good riddance
racism News

White Girl Kicked Out of College For Racist Roommate Drama Involving Used Tampons

It gets grosser and even more effed up
sarah-huckabee-sanders News

Why Is It So Hard For The Trump Regime To Denounce Slavery?

An American tragedy
Halloween-costumes-racism News

Please Don’t Be Racist Trash With Your Halloween Costume

A few helpful tips to enjoy the holiday
white-nationalist News

After Their “White Lives Matter” Rally, Racists Attacked An Interracial Couple

A bad day in Tennessee
white people News

Most White People Believe They Are Discriminated Against For Being White

death-penalty News

Study Reveals Just How Much Justice System Likes Killing Black People

The death penalty disparity
weber-high-school News

Utah High School Investigates Video of Teen Girls Saying “F*ck N*ggers”

A classmate flagged the clip on Twitter
turnstile-jumping News

Report: NYPD Targets Communities of Color for Jumping Turnstiles

No shit
wechat News

Chinese Messaging App Was Translating “Black Foreigner” to “N*gger”

Artificial unintelligence