coco Film

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Can’t Erase Disney’s Racist Past, But It Hits All The Right Notes

No Mickey Mouse Club here, b
meet-a-black-person News

Sheltered White People Can Now Meet Black People at a Georgia Networking Event

Make America network again
hate-crimes News

New FBI Hate Crime Stats Prove Yet Again that White People are the Worst

blackfacebankrobber News

A White Man Wore Blackface to Rob a Bank

What an idiot
cabaret_law Crime

New York’s Cabaret Law Was a Racist Disgrace

Good riddance
racism News

White Girl Kicked Out of College For Racist Roommate Drama Involving Used Tampons

It gets grosser and even more effed up
sarah-huckabee-sanders News

Why Is It So Hard For The Trump Regime To Denounce Slavery?

An American tragedy
Halloween-costumes-racism News

Please Don’t Be Racist Trash With Your Halloween Costume

A few helpful tips to enjoy the holiday
white-nationalist News

After Their “White Lives Matter” Rally, Racists Attacked An Interracial Couple

A bad day in Tennessee
white people News

Most White People Believe They Are Discriminated Against For Being White

death-penalty News

Study Reveals Just How Much Justice System Likes Killing Black People

The death penalty disparity
weber-high-school News

Utah High School Investigates Video of Teen Girls Saying “F*ck N*ggers”

A classmate flagged the clip on Twitter
turnstile-jumping News

Report: NYPD Targets Communities of Color for Jumping Turnstiles

No shit
wechat News

Chinese Messaging App Was Translating “Black Foreigner” to “N*gger”

Artificial unintelligence
Sheriff Steve Prator News

Louisiana Sheriff Wants to Keep Inmates Locked Up to “Wash Cars and Pick Up Trash”

Meet one of America's worst cops
dove News

Dove Catches Hell for Ads Suggesting Black Women are “Dirty”

What a mess