Racial Profiling

joe_arpaio_contempt Crime

Arizona’s Most Racist Sheriff Has Been Criminally Charged

Joe Arpaio is a demonstrable scumbag
Police_Traffic_Stop Knowledge

White Drivers More Likely to Be Found With Contraband Than Black Drivers

Even though white drivers are most likely to carry illegal contraband, officers continue to racially profile black drivers.
Michael Dunn Convicted of Murdering Jordan Davis News

Michael Dunn Convicted of Murdering Jordan Davis Over “Thug” Music

When Jordan Davis and his friends parked next to 45-year-old Michael Dunn in front of a convenience store, he took offense to thei...
Cops Pulling Someone Over News

Is it Illegal for a Black Man to Drive His Wife to Work?

Driving the Misses like Morgan might get you pulled over.
Photo courtesy of Getty Images of boys sagging their pants. News

Pants Down, Hands Up: Police Crack Down on Sagging

Apologies in advance for all the pics of dude's butts. (Pause)
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How To Deal With the NYPD’s Stop & Frisk via BlowHipHopTV

BlowHipHopTV is back with episode 6 of their Urban Survival Tactics videos with Avenue P.