Secret Service Agent News

The Secret Service Loves To Party!

Hookers, booze and in the line of fire
donald_trump_russia_blackmail_stern Politics

Report That Russia is Blackmailing Trump Keeps Getting More Believable

What the fuck is going on?
donald_trump_golden_showers_russia Politics

Russia Denies That It Is Blackmailing Trump With Prostitute Piss Tape

Well, that's settled then
prostitution ring News

NYPD Ex-Cop Busted for Running Prostitution Ring

Michael Rizzi's websites offered escorts for a “donation” of $400 to $2,000 an hour
Amsterdam Prostitutes Protest News

Amsterdam’s Prostitutes Protest Window Closures in the Red Light District

You can bet tourists want to keep those windows open too.

Nigerian Prostitutes Offer Three Days of Free Sex to Celebrate New President

It's about to get hot and sweaty in Nigeria over the next three days.
NY Escorts Using AirBNB Service To Save Money News

NYC “Escorts” Take Advantage of Airbnb’s Hospitality

"It's more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf."
brazil-prostitution News

Brazilian Prostitutes Learning English for World Cup

In order to prepare for the World Cup, Brazilian prostitutes have been learning English. Get the full story here.