america-voted News

America Voted Yesterday and Collectively Said “F*ck You” to Donald Trump

Big night for Democrats
A fight the power playlist of some of the most revolutionary raps in hip hop history. Music

Politics as Usual: A Playlist

Fight the power
Donald Trump sticks tongue out like idiot News

Trump’s “Calm Before the Storm” Quote Turns Global Diplomacy Into Reality TV

Do you ever shut up?
killer_mike_election_day News

Killer Mike For President?

Run the campaign
Juggalos News

Sad! More Juggalos Showed Up To Rally in D.C. Than Trump Supporters

No Confederate flags were allowed
Donald Trump News

Will Donald Trump Sign a Bill Condemning Racism? White House: “Not Sure”

This one seems like a gimme
Donald Trump supporters News

Study: Photos of Black People Make Trump Supporters Angry

In other news, water is wet
David Clarke, Donald Trump News

Will America’s Worst Cop Land a Job in the White House?

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke just quit his job, but we're probably not done with him
chance the rapper argues with justice league Music

Chance The Rapper Says He Has A Bigger Voice Than Donald Trump

the flag for the city of detroit News

Half The Folks Running To Be Detroit’s Next Mayor Are Felons

Maybe not such a bad thing?
mysonne in black suit next to trayvon martin illustration mural Music

Mysonne is Bigger Than a Freestyle, He’s Also an Activist

Do your Googles
hardees_10_cents_ Politics

Trump’s Labor Secretary Nominee Made Workers Pay 10 Cents An Hour For “Privilege...

That's evil.
Donald_Trump_mass_appeal_fdt Music

Radio Stations Keep Getting Hacked With YG & Nipsey Hussle’s “Fuck Donald Trump”

You have to admit... it is kinda catchy
truu News

Muppet Trump’s the Thing Nightmares Are Made Of

Kill it with fire!
quebec_police_mass_appeal News

Canada Asks Fox News To Delete False Tweet After Mosque Attack

Media outlet wrongly reports on shooter's nationality
14138642_10154377636852778_6135612362040541883_o News

Philly Cop With Naziesque Tattoo Allowed To Remain On Job

Police officers shouldn't wear their hearts on their sleeves