Armed Drone News

Police Have Developed A New Way To Kill You

Weaponized drones—coming soon to a city near you!
Philly Police News

Protest in Philly! America’s Anarchist-Friendly City

Masks? Flares? Flag burning? Smoke bombs? Shields? Un-permitted marching? No problem.
study-shows-black-males-size-overestimated News

Study Proves White People Terrified of Black People—Again

Both white and black subjects saw black men as bigger; only whites saw them as more threatening
ballll News

Corrupt Cops Busted in Baltimore

Seven officers arrested for doing serious dirt
hell News

Resellers Are Breaking Into MTA Machines to Get Supreme MetroCards

Stay safe out there!
police News

Why Are Philly Police Harassing Activists?

Because they can
weeee News

Half Ton of Weed Stolen in California

Protect your stash!
14138642_10154377636852778_6135612362040541883_o News

Philly Cop With Naziesque Tattoo Allowed To Remain On Job

Police officers shouldn't wear their hearts on their sleeves
Stoner_trolls_plainclothes_cop News

Watch: Philadelphia Weed Activist Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Troll Plainclot...

Dude really didn't want to blow his cover.
Chicago_police_gang_rival_territory Crime

Chicago Cops Dropped Off Uncooperative Gang Members In Rival Territory

Serve and protect, as long as you snitch
Former Senator Alfonse D'Amato, a Republican from New York, News

Watch: Former Senator Kicked Off Plane For Trying to Lead Passenger Revolution

Still got it Al
170101125551-hollyweed-super-tease News

The Hollyweed Sign Hero Has Been Busted

"When someone looks up there, and I brought a good memory in their heart, that's what makes it."

Lil Uzi Vert Tries to Escape Cops on Dirt Bike, Fails

That ain't gonna work
police_beat_man_loses_eye1 News

Video Shows Police Beat Man Until He Lost Vision in One Eye

“The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape”
beaver_wrecks_store1 Crime

Beaver Wrecks Store After Finding Nothing but Artificial Trees

This beaver has had enough of your fake shit
keith_l_scott_no_charges Crime

No Charges Will Be Filed Against Cop Who Killed Keith Lamont Scott

"I know some are going to be frustrated"