pokemon_mom_christmas_thumb Tech/Games

Child Genius Orders Herself Pokémon Swag With Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint

You gotta look out for kids these days
Rikers_Island_Pokemon_Go Features

Rikers Island is a Pokémon Goldmine, Even Has A Rare Pikachu

Gotta catch 'em all
pokemon_precinct_lead Crime

If The Cops Say They Have a Rare Pokémon, Don’t Believe Them!

They didn't catch 'em all, but they did get one
Pokemon Go logo Tech/Games

Capture Pokémon in Real Life With “Pokémon Go”

Your childhood dreams turned augmented reality.
deanblunt-620x412 Bump That

Dean Blunt’s “Mersh” Not For The Easily Affected

Dean Blunt's new music video may be the most effective way to retrieve information from known terrorists.
Brian Luong Adventure Time Illustration Finn and Jake Art

Originators: Brian Luong

Warped realities courtesy of Brian Luong.