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Interview-RP-Boo-Godfather-Footwork Features

Meet RP Boo, the Godfather of Footwork

The footwork pioneer breaks down the origin of the genre and how the Chicago-specific sound has traversed the globe.
RP-Boo Music

RP Boo “Freezaburn” Video

The visual features an array of shapeshifting forms and flickering lights that synch up with the track's frantic nature.
JLIN Features

Jlin Talks ‘Dark Energy’ Album, Premieres “Black Ballet”

Get up with footwork artist Jlin as she shares a new track and talks about darkness and individuality.
Mr Music

Mr. Mitch “Don’t Leave” Video

The visuals demonstrate how it feels to wander the streets alone.
Mr Mitch Features

Never Overlooked: Mr. Mitch “Don’t Leave” EP

A demonstration of Mr. Mitch's delicate use of grime’s speed and sound.
Traxman Music

Never Overlooked: Traxman “Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2”

A collection of tracks from one of the oldest footwork producers in the game.