performance art

Vito Acconci in 1991 by Peter Bellamy Art

Remembering Vito Acconci, New York’s Father of Performance Art

A Bronx-born performance artist's unsettling work
Don't Shoot Jesse Hazelip Amer the Gamer Original Art

‘Don’t Shoot’: Jesse Hazelip On Injustice and His Tattoo as Protest Performance

"I feel like it was the only way to communicate the severity of what I’m trying to expose."
robert-wilson-lady-gaga Art

Robert Wilson’s Inspired and Disturbing Video Portraits of Lady Gaga

Gaga as Abramovic
Justice-Palace-Final-Web-800x521 Art


I traveled through Japan on a skate adventure with Terry Kennedy and a slew of trouble makers  on a filming run with the Ice Cram...