PBS Doc Dives Deep Into The Challenges of ‘Life on Parole’

What happens after prison?
zero-dark-thirty Film

New Documentary Tells How the CIA Used ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ as Pro-Torture Propaganda

Although the film's depiction of events is fictional, the CIA believed that American filmgoers would accept it as fact.
PBS-Blank-On-Blank-James-Brown-Thumbnail Art

A “Blank On Blank” Animated James Brown Interview

James Brown breaks down his thoughts about President Reagan and his own career in a lost 1984 interview.
hipster News

VIDEO: Are You A Hipster?

PBS's Idea Channel clues us in on what makes a hipster a hipster and more...
Bob Ross as Rick Ross The Dingle

The Dingle: Bob Ross is BAWSE

The Joy of Hustlin' with Bob Ro$$.