moooon_1024 Features

White Hollywood, It’s Time to Step Up

Black Cinema's amazing weekend should be just the start
oscars 2017 News

The Oscars Were a Messy Bitch Last Night

'Moonlight' deserves Best Picture, but there were so many fuck-ups along the way.
love witch Features

Skip the Oscars and Stream these Overlooked Films Instead

Because punks killing Nazis is better than La La Land any day
Three 6 Mafia- Jordan Juicy 'J' Houston, Paul 'D Story Time

DJ Paul’s Story of the 2006 Oscars Is Incredible

When the Academy got Pimped
justiceforflint News

Ryan Coogler, Ava Duvernay, and More to Skip Academy Awards for #JusticeForFlint

A more woke option for Oscars night
The Dolby Theatre Empty Features

With All Deliberate Speed: A Case for Skipping The 88th Annual Academy Awards

Even though they never pick the right movies, there’s no excuse for shutting out the right candidates
Hollywood Black and White News

USC Study Analyzes Hollywood’s Glaring Lack of Diversity

"Our findings show that an epidemic of invisibility runs throughout popular storytelling"
the-revenant-score-2 Film

Academy Awards Disqualifies The Revenant’s Score From Oscars

Apparently, it's too complicated.
White-Academy-Awards-Nominations News

Welcome to the Whitest Oscars Since 1998

And the award for Least Diverse Award Ceremony goes to...the Oscars!
midnight-marauder-oscars-zero-dark-thirty-academy-awards-nordstrom-1280 Art

Artist Midnight Marauder Posterizes Oscar Night

It’s award season and while some are focused on Oscar wins, LA-based artist Midnight Marauder has whipped up original posters for ...