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Weed Home Delivery Comes to Oregon

Convenience at its best
brooks Sports

The Wildest Basketball Flop You’ll Ever See

Good lord
medical records Knowledge

The DEA is Trying to Get Open Access to Your Medical Records

“It is difficult to conceive of information that is more deserving of Fourth Amendment protection”
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Oregon Just Made $3.5 Million in One Month From Taxing Legal Marijuana Sales

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission only expected to make $8 million in the first two years of legalization
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Oregon Militants Negotiate Surrender After FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy

The feds are finally getting around to wrapping up this occupation
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Ammon Bundy and Seven Oregon Militants Arrested, One Killed

Some militants are still occupying the refuge, "prepared but calm."
Oregon Militants News

Oregon Militants Gain Support from a Local Anti-Government Sheriff

“The sheriff has a practical plan for helping unravel the federal government.”
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Oregon Judge Will Bill Ammon Bundy $70,000 a Day for Occupying Federal Land

The judge also asked residents not to offer any assistance to the militants.

White Privilege?: The Peaceful Response to a Militant Takeover

While acts of Islamic terrorism receive major headlines, acts of domestic terrorism by white extremist groups are often downplayed...
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Oregon Blames Blackouts on People Growing Marijuana at Home

It's time for Oregon to invest in green energy.
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Oregon Law ‘Forces Colleges to Allow Guns on Campus’

The law allowing students to carry concealed weapons in Oregon schools didn't stop this school shooting from happening.
ObamaPress News

President Obama Makes Another Plea for Gun Control After Oregon School Shooting

"We have a Congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun deaths. How can tha...
Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf Drugs

Recreational Pot Available in Oregon Stores Starting Tomorrow

Oregon dispensaries are bracing themselves for a busy day tomorrow.
Law and Marijuana Drugs

Oregon Seals Criminal Records of Low-Level Marijuana Offenders

Convictions for smoking weed are preventing low-level offenders from voting, getting jobs, or volunteering at schools.
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Washington D.C., Oregon, and Alaska Vote to Legalize Marijuana

...and we will advertise it.
Nike Theft Ring News

Lost Soles: Sneaker Theft Ring Hits Nike HQ

Campus Invasion at Nike.