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Covert to Overt: Shepard Fairey’s New Book

Get the first look inside OBEY's latest monograph.
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Shepard Fairey Arrested in Los Angeles

The street artist was nabbed on warrants issued late last month.
Shepard Fairey Detroit Warrant Art

Arrest Warrant Issued for Shepard Fairey in Detroit

OBEY faces arrest in the Motor City.
Shepard Fairey We Own The Future Mural Art

Shepard Fairey Completes New Mural for the L.I.S.A. Project

Fairey's new mural is both a political and existential rallying cry.
Obey This Film Art

Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film

Go inside the mind of a Giant.
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MTN Colors Visits Shepard Fairey

Montana Colors dropped by Shepard Fairey’s studio to get some insight on his artistic process and admiration for the company’s col...
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Shepard Fairey Sentenced to Two Years Probation For Evidence Tampering

The iconic artist gets sentenced for evidence tampering.
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Yes You Can Buy OBEY x MTN

Three limited edition MTN cans, packaged in a box, signed by Shepard Fairey go on sale today. Cop it like it's hot!