NYPD officer looking at evidence by the Southern End of Central Park after discovering a dead body. News

Two Dead Bodies Turn Up in Central Park Within Two Days

Who says New York's changed?
Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, News

Muslim Judge’s Death Now Being Treated As “Suspicious”

No shit!
NYPD Surveillance News

NYPD Undercover Officers Infiltrated Black Lives Matter

Whose man is this?
NYPD Officer Gwendolyn News

Black NYPD Officer In Trouble For Tweeting “#BlackLivesMatter”

She blames Autocorrect
Eric Garner Daniel Pantaleo Complaint News

Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Still On the Job, Person Who Leaked His Violent Histo...

Doesn't add up
Eric Garner Death News

NYPD Officer Who Choked Eric Garner Had a History Of Violence 

Leaked documents show he has one of the worst complaint records in the NYPD
whole car 2017 new york city clyde 86 ehc Art

Clyde 86 Knocked in NYC for Hitting Clean Trains

He faces 16 counts of criminal trespassing.
ds News

The NYPD’s New ‘Opioid Squad’

Dealers will now be prosecuted for overdoses
nypd_posts_snapchat_warrent Crime

NYPD Reportedly Raids Wrong House and Mocks Victims on Snapchat

"If he does that what other things he does on the low that nobody knows?" - Victim
reed_nypd_header Politics

NYC To Pay Over $600,000 For Excessive Force, Unlawful Arrest, & False Statement...

Police misconduct comes with a high price tag
blm_nypd_case_mass_appeal Politics

NYPD Refuses To Release Records on Undercover Surveillance of Black Lives Matter

The NYPD lied about having undercover officers at the demonstrations, he noted, and further lied about having records relating to ...
ellis_island_internmen_mass_appeal News

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy: When FBI and NYPD Interned New Yorkers At Elli...

"Later newspaper men were not permitted to talk to prisoners." -New York Times
nypd_officer_hiding_identity Crime

What the Fuck Is This Officer Doing?

Who is this masked man?
pilot-nypd-camera-program11 Crime

New NYPD Body Cam Maker Is Known for Fraud, Bribery and Faulty Products

Don't be surprised when these things malfunction at just the right time
morancy_bus_pervert_hero Crime

Watch: Brooklyn Rapper Pulls Pervert Off of 15-Year-Old Girl, Declared Hero

"Muthafucka' that touch a girl without her permission. This what I'ma do to you."
officer_hugh_barry_ambulancecopy Crime

NYPD Cop Who Killed Deborah Danner Has History of Violence Says Lawyer Who Sued Him

Officer Hugh Barry's brutality was caught on camera at a 2011 Smif-N-Wessun concert in NYC