Nothing Was The Same

Drake-Lawsuit-Feature-2014-Jimmy-Smith News

Drake Sued for Illegal Sample

The Estate of Jimmy Smith wants their cut of "Pound Cake."
#TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLIghtSkin Features

#TeamDarkSkin VS #TeamLightSkin – 2013

In 2013 #TeamDarkSkin & #TeamLightSkin battled it out for claim to the throne, and bragging rights about the best melanin. We prov...
Drake Coming of Age I Heart Radio Thumbnail Reviews

For Some, Drake’s Coming of Age Parallels Their Own

While some make fun of Drake, others find his new album a further reflection of their own identities.
Drake Jay Z Pound Cake Music

Drake “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” ft. Jay Z

Toronto & Brooklyn meet again on wax, building the anticipation for the release of Nothing Was the Same.
Why Dudes Hate Drake opinion piece Real Talk

Why Dudes Hate Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is the rapper everyone hates to love, and for good reason.
Drake-All-Me-2 Music

Drake “All Me” ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

Drizzy gets busy with 2 Chainz and Big Sean on his latest single "All Me." Letting everyone know that coming up and staying true...
drake Music

Drake Drops 4 New Tracks

Drake drops four new tracks showcasing a renewed focus on lyricism. Listen to them all here.
girls-love-beyonce-lyrics Music

Drake “Girls Love Beyonce”

Wait, what? Drake summons the spirit of Beyonce for his latest track? Guess Aaliyah wasn’t relevant enough for the 90’s babies. Wh...