North Carolina

Lute Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Lute

The N.C. MC went from dead-end jobs to Dreamville Records
Classroom News

Horrible Teacher to Seventh Grader: “Did I call you a ‘N****r?'”

And of course the teacher's name is... Dick
Mike-Halstead News

North Carolina Police Chief Forced to Resign After Ranting Against Black Lives M...

The former police chief instructed his officers to shoot thugs first and ask questions later.
Deshawn Currie News

Black Teen Pepper-Sprayed by Cops After Entering His White Foster Parents’ Home

"Mama I don't understand why they hated our brother, and they had to come in and hurt him."
North Carolina College Students found a way to prevent date rape with nail polish News

College Students Aim to Prevent Date Rape With Nail Polish

Stay safe while color coordinating at the same damn time.
Skateboarding Parking Lot On The Grind

Skate Video of the Week: “Film & Destroy”

North Carolina, c'mon and raise up!
Liana Murray Feature Image Family Swank

Family Swank: Liana Murray

At 17-years-old, Liana Murray paints a picture that honors the history of black America.
Skateboarding Trick Flip Jump Skate

North Carolina “Endless Grind” Montage

Watch the skate scene in Raleigh, North Carolina raise up and drop some local hammers and gems.
Jcole leaks new album Music

J.Cole “leaks” Born Sinner tonight in select locations.

No need to wait till June 18th to hear Cole's new album. He's streaming Born Sinner live tonight at 8pm EST !
King-Mez-Thumbnail Music

King Mez “Exordium”

North Carolina-based King Mez drops "Exordium" and explains the meaning behind his name.