colin kaepernick doesn't give a shit about football Sports

Colin Kaepernick Is an American Hero

The ex-49ers star has new priorities, and the NFL can’t stand it
marshawn lynch nfl comeback Sports

Are You Ready For Marshawn Lynch’s Return to the NFL?

But not with the Seahawks
Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 9 Sports

Steve Smith Wrote the NFL Commissioner the Most Steve Smith Retirement Letter Ever

Dear defensive backs: You're welcome
kae News

Colin Kaepernick Close to New Deal With 49ers, Could Be on Verge of Starting

Sundays could be getting a lot more interesting for the controversial QB
wale-skins News

The NFL Does Something Fun, Lets Rappers Design Official Team T-Shirts

Which artist will come up with the best design?
colin_tina_knowles_national_anthem News

The National Anthem Is Racist: Beyoncé’s Mom Defends 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick

“I’d like to know if they are as outraged by all the senseless killing of minorities, all of the racial injustices in America, tha...
Colin Kaepernick_NFL_protest_national_anthem News

Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand For National Anthem, People Lose Their Shit

"There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."
Will-Smith-Concussion Film

Watch the Trailer for Will Smith’s NFL Cover-Up Film ‘Concussion’

The NFL is going to have a hard time spinning this one.
Colin-Kaepernick Sports

NFL Partners With Bose, Bans All Other Headphone Brands

No more Beats on screen.
Rihanna News

Rihanna Slams CBS for Pulling “Run This Town” From NFL Pregame Show

CBS dropped Rihanna with the quickness.
Super Bowl Halftime Show News

NFL Wants Artists to Pay to Play at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Pay to play? Rihanna's not witit.
Harry Reid Sports

Wale Calls Out Harry Reid on Exploiting Race

The DC native takes a political stand
Nike NFL Get Drenched Sports

Put on With Nike’s New “Get Drenched” NFL Jerseys

Rocking a jersey doesn't have to mean sacrificing style anymore. Peep Nike's new line of NFL apparel.
Nas_Use_thumb Sports

10 Yankees and Mets Promotions To Get You Through Summer

Basketball and hockey are gone. And football is still months away. Survive the summer heat and lack of sporting events with these ...
Sushi Background Green Screen Sports

The Fat Jew Interviews Victor Cruz

The Fat Jew talks to Victor Cruz about everything from posing with white girls to dancing Salsa at the local DMV.
Superbowl_Dailydingle2 The Dingle

The Dingle: Choose Your Super Bowl XLVII Soundtrack

No matter which team you’re rooting for we’ve got the theme music for your Super Bowl party.