Lynch News

United Nations Warns the World: Yo, The United States Has A Racism Problem

It's a rare warning issued in a sign of potential civil war
village voice News

‘The Village Voice’ Ends Its Print Edition

A new chapter for a New York institution
Michael Flynn News

Fired Flynn Wants To Narc On Trump

Welcome to the Daily Blunt
Trump is a bully News

Trump Heads to Congress to Ruin Healthcare

Today's edition of The Daily Blunt
CHAFFETZiphone News

Congressman Reveals Brilliant Plan To Solve Healthcare Crisis: Quit Buying New i...

Ready for Trumpcare?
florida_gator_mass_appeal News

Reactions To Giant Video Shows Humanity Is Fucked, Incapable of Differentiating ...

How is there even a question?
wale_wyclef_will_feat News

Wyclef, Wale, Will.I.Am–Same Guy, Right?

The Presidential race may be over, but it appears we aren’t done with the hilarious happenings related to the election. A reporter...