New Jersey

comedian_shooting_new_jersey1 Crime

Watch: Comedian’s Set Interrupted by Gunfire and Chaos

30 shots were fired and six were wounded
donald_trump_chelsea_bombing Features

New Yorkers Are More Afraid of Donald Trump Than Terrorists

We asked people on the streets of Chelsea to tell us how they really feel.
article-wanted2-0919_1 News

Police Capture Suspect in Chelsea Bombing, New Bombs Found

Reports say a fingerprint was found on one undetonated bomb
Tapia Beat It Up Album Art Music

Tapia “Beat It Up” ft. Fetty Wap

Some new fire from Jersey
Sunny Feature Image Music

PREMIERE: Sunny Gang “Burn It Down”

The New Jersey band might just set off a punk-rap resurgence.
Pot leaf Drugs

New Jersey vs. New York: The “Race” to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

"It's a race for revenue. I think that will definitely motivate other states to legalize."
radazz-hearns News

New Jersey Cops Shoot Unarmed 14-Year-Old After Claiming He Had a Gun

Cops claim they found a gun the boy was carrying, but witnesses think they are lying.
TwinsGoGo News

DEA Agents Busted for Running Illegal New Jersey Strip Club

These DEA agents really know how to party, but need to learn a thing or two about discretion.
That Time We Smoked Dust album cover Music

Da$h & Retch – “The Time We Smoked Dust” EP

Smoking dust can produce some great music.
Unique The New Klassiks Music

UNiiQU3 – The New Klassiks

Get a quick eduction on club classic from the
Agnostic Front Reviews

Trenton’s City Gardens Celebrated in New Book

Whether you made it to Trenton's City Gardens or not, "No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes" put you right in the mosh pit.
ghandi garden Give Back

5 Dope Organizations to Add to Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Start the New Year off right by volunteering with one of these dope organizations.
redman_otw_massappeal_thumb Off Tha' Wall

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Redman

We chop it up with Redman for a brand new episode of Off Tha' Wall at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.
rav-p-perverted-since-83-thumb Bump That

Bump That! Rav.P Perverted Since ‘83 (NSFW)

Jersey native Rav.P takes you deep into the corners of his deviant mind with “Perverted Since ’83.”
Kevin-Poptart-This-Is-My-Planet-Thumbnail2 Music

Kevin Poptart “This Is My Planet” Mixtape

New Jersey's Kevin Poptart is an alien and he's got the new music project "This Is My Planet" to prove it.
marty_massappeal Music

Marty “Talking To My Life”

New Jersey Native, Marty returns with a brand new track where he opens up about his life and insights. Welcome to Marty's World.