uber-nasa News

Uber and NASA Are Collaborating to Get Cars in the Air by 2020

Stay fly
juicy_j_space News

Juicy J Can’t Wait To Go to Outer Space

That intergalactic Memphis shit
president trump astronaut drinking pee News

Trump Clowns Astronaut for Drinking Her Own Pee

Urine trouble? We're all in trouble.
nasa_iss_jeanette_epps Science

Jeanette Epps To Be First African-American Crew Member of the International Spac...

Out of this world
voyager_golden_record_kickstarter News

NASA Gives Thumbs Up To Voyager Golden Record Kickstarter, Hopes “Millennials” W...

This vinyl is mint
The SLS Tech/Games

NASA is Headed to Mars

We're officially going to Mars in the 2030s.
nasa warp speed ship current concept design 2014 News

NASA Reveals New Warp Drive Starship

To Infinity and Beyond
moon landing Tech/Games

Why Faking a Moon Landing in 1969 Was impossible

Find out why faking a moon landing in 1969 was impossible.
radical-tech-blast-off Tech/Games

Riding the Booster [enhanced sound]

BLASTIN' OFF INTO OUTER SPACE! This is how we're feeling at Mass Appeal right about now...