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Soundcloud to pay remixers and DJs News

Trouble At SoundCloud? They Just Laid Off 173 Employees and Closed Two Offices

Streaming service's future looking cloudy
Chronic Music

Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ Makes Streaming Debut on Apple Music

Dre has fought a long legal battle to regain the rights to his classic debut.
taylor-swift-apple-music News

Apple Music Agrees to Pay Artists During Promotional Rollout

After major labels failed to stand up for their artists, indie labels and Taylor Swift had to step up to pressure Apple to do the ...
sony-spotify News

Leaked Sony-Spotify Contract Shows Where the Money Goes in the Music Streaming B...

If you follow the money, you'll end up in the pocket of a major label.
Pandora Music

Pandora Breaks Down Each NYC Neighborhood’s Favorite Genre of Music

Pandora's out here exposing musical preferences.
soundcloud-red Music

SoundCloud Reports a $29 Million Loss in 2013

SoundCloud's in the red.
pl feature Tech/Games

Pulselocker: The Next Big Thing in DJ Technology

Get down with the latest in DJ technology in the form of Pulselocker!