BIGGERleadart Art

The Illest Biggie Smalls Murals In The World—And The Artists Who Made Them

Ready to Dry
queensmatic_mural_mass_appeal Art

Nas Co-Signs Nas Mural

"We have to be our own heroes." -Nas
hillary_clinton_lush_instagram_beef Features

Graffiti Artist Says Instagram Deleted His Account Over Bikini-Clad Hillary Clinton

The politics of street art are awfully murky in Melbourne
Bowery_Houston_Wall_Logan_Buffed Art

Logan Hicks’ Manhattan Mural Buffed Black, Now the Bad News…

Who paints a mural with a stencil anyway?
GIZ_Lisa_bushwick_collective Features

Cartoon Mural of a Sexy Lisa Simpson Faces Accusations of Indecency in Bushwick

A graffiti-inspired depiction of a fictional humanoid has some people very upset
ghandi garden Give Back

5 Dope Organizations to Add to Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Start the New Year off right by volunteering with one of these dope organizations.
The Yok Art

Murals by The Yok and Sheryo

The Yok and Sheryo are an artist pair based in Brooklyn, New York City that let their cans loose on international walls. The two h...
Colossal-02 News

ATTENTION ARTISTS: Colossal Media Wants You!

Colossal Media is kicking off their 2013 Sky High Arts Program with their first national fine art campaign. If you’re familiar wit...
wall-dogs Art

VIDEO: What is a Wall Dog?

Find out what a "Wall Dog" is.