barbara-kruger Art

Barbara Kruger Claps Back At Supreme With Her Own MetroCard

Coincidence? Hell no
turnstile-jumping News

Report: NYPD Targets Communities of Color for Jumping Turnstiles

No shit
andre-wagner Photography

Photographer Andre D. Wagner is ‘Here for the Ride’

Documenting life on the NYC Subway
a video recently uploaded online shows seven clean mta subway whole cars painted top to bottom in 2017 Graffiti

MTA Caught Lacking: 7 Clean Whole Cars Hit Top To Bottom By MUL Crew

a young man is stuck after he attempted to hop the turnstile at the mta court square station in queens, ny News

A Dude in Queens Shows How to Not Hop the Turnstile

A disastrous attempt on one of the MTA's biggest challenges
time-square-confederate-tile News

The MTA Will Remove Tiles That Look Like Confederate Flags

Hella sus
turnstile-hopper-jordan-11-gun News

Don’t Hop The Turnstile With A Gun Hidden In Your Jordan 11s

Hide it in my sock
Christopher Guttilla News

Subway Surfing “Addict” Gets Arrested

"You can never be too careful"
whole car 2017 new york city clyde 86 ehc Art

Clyde 86 Knocked in NYC for Hitting Clean Trains

He faces 16 counts of criminal trespassing.
tun News

The MTA Claps Back at Donald Trump

More delusions from an out-of-touch old man
hell News

Resellers Are Breaking Into MTA Machines to Get Supreme MetroCards

Stay safe out there!
card News

The Supreme x MTA Collaboration is Happening

It's official
mass_appeal_subway_surfer_lede Features

Subway Surfer Explains Why He Risks Death To Ride On Top of the Trains

"That inanimate object’s family to me and the rest of us obsessed with trains."
L_train_gondola_ News

L Train Shutdown Upside: Cheaper Rents

The MTA’s crazy renovation plan will benefit someone after all
jerk_off_jerks_off_lead Crime

Watch: Jerk Off Gets Thrown Off Train For Jerking Off

"I can't hear you. Say 'I understand you, miss.'''
subway delays News

Audit Accuses MTA of Misleading Riders Over Subway Delays

“It turns out the way Transit calculates this measurement obscures the reality of straphangers’ wait times.”