moooon_1024 Features

White Hollywood, It’s Time to Step Up

Black Cinema's amazing weekend should be just the start

These Comic Book Artists Created Some Great Posters For “Logan”

Old man Logan's movie isn't promoted like you're used to, and we're loving it
movie-theater-monster News

Moviegoers ‘Stampede’ After Guy Acts Weird, Are a Disgrace to NYC

Keep Calm and Carry On
suicide_squad_2016_megatrailer Film

Every Major Movie of 2016 in One Epic Trailer

Let's remember the movies and forget about the rest
coffy Film

Brown Sugar Is ‘Just Like Netflix, Only Blacker’

Rick Ross, Fred Williamson and Pam Grier are all helping get this off the ground.
The Smell Of Us Film

Larry Clark Returns to the Big Screen With “The Smell Of Us”

"Kids 2"?
Godzilla Asia Exclusive Trailer 2014 April Film

“Godzilla” Asia Exclusive Trailer

Where's Godzuki when you need him?
100_1Fireplace_drinks Film

Hibernation Playlist: 15 Movies and Drinks to Get You Through the Cold Winter Mo...

Get your hibernation on for the holidays with 15 movies and drink recipes to keep you warm all winter long.
emma-watson-feature Film

Rich Kids Robbing Paris Hilton – Peep “The Bling Ring” Trailer

"Come on, let's go to Paris'. I wanna rob," are not the words you'd expect coming from Hermoine Granger. Check out the trailer for...
tribeca_film_festival-flex_is_kings-thumb Events

Mass Appeal’s Guide to the Tribeca Film Festival 2013

With the Tribeca Film Festival popping off this weekend, the Mass Appeal team selected our Top 10 films with think you won't want ...
John Claude Van Damme News

Damn U Jean-Claude Van Damme!

According to the Mass Appeal’s crystal ball, Avengers 2 is set to be released on May 1st 2015, and the word on these Tweets is...
ra-bernard News

VIDEO: R.A. The Rugged Man Interviews Bernard Hopkins

R. A. The Rugged Man is a splendid rapper. He is also a savant when it comes to his knowledge of R&B, film and boxing....
dingle001_2-14- The Dingle

The Dingle: The Boyz N the Hood Trading Card Game

What if characters from “Boyz N the Hood,” one of the classics films of the ’90s, were licensed for a trading card game à la Pokem...
rik-cordero Art

Gasface Presents: Think B.I.G. With Rik Cordero

Director Rik Cordero talks to French filmmakers about his personal inspirations, his favorite films and shooting in New York City....
Purple Rain Movie Review I Love Bad Movies Features

KNOW YOUR ZINE: I Love Bad Movies

Bad meaning bad, but also meaning good (sorta), according to these Brooklyn-based publishers.
Hulk The Avengers movie still Film

Dallas Penn Reviews The Avengers

The renaissance man of every hype you can think of has done justice to a great assembly in the superhero universe. What does he th...