Future released the video for "Commas" Music

Future “F*ck Up Some Commas” Video

Future finally releases an official video for the 'Monster' standout track.
Future Codeine Crazy Music Video Music

Future “Codeine Crazy” Video

No need to guess what's in those cups.
Future released the video for "Gangland" Music

Future “Gangland” Video

Got your baby mama with the sh*ts.
Future released the video for "Radical" Music

Future “Radical” Video

Monster-Beats-By-Dre Tech/Games

Monster Sues Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Over ‘Beats’ Business Fraud

Was this fraud or simply a business deal gone wrong?
Future released the video for "Mad Luv" Music

Future “Mad Luv” Video

Future Vandross proves why he's a monster.
FutureMonster1 Music

Future Launches “Monster” Mixtape With Halloween Party in ATL

Future Kruger
Future Monster Music

Future “Break The Rules”

Future's breaking all the rules with this one.
Monster Diamond Headphones Tech/Games

Monster Debuts Three Headphones At Monaco Grand Prix

Engines are revving up, making noise from Gumball 3000 to the Monaco Grand Prix. Can you hear us now? No? Monster's new line of he...
Monster Diesel Vektr Headphones Style

Monster X Diesel Vektr Gets Famous

Judging the competition was easy: I just imagined what type of songs would be played on the $299 headphones which looked like it c...