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The Trouble With Miley Cyrus

Please leave Cardi B out of it
Miley Cyrus News

Recently-Sober Miley Cyrus Done With Rap About “Sucking Cock”

The dildo-wearing star is now turned off by obscene lyrics
kanye-west-black-skinhead-cyrus Music

Kanye West “Black Skinhead (Remix)” ft. Miley Cyrus and Travis Scott

Hannah Montana gets her black empowerment on.
Miley-Cyrus Film

Miley Cyrus to Premiere ‘Tongue Tied’ at New York Porn Film Festival

The full-length version of Miley's new film will make its debut at the Pornhub-sponsored festival.
emojis-2014-update-super-racial News

Emoji Skin-Tone Update Plans to Add More Diversity in 2015

Miley Made Them Do It.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards Show Roundup

The 2014 edition of the VMAs.
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Pharrell ft. Miley Cyrus “Come Get It Bae” Video

Pharrell gets behind the camera in his new music video.
Alkaline Music Video Music

Alkaline Delivers a Dancehall Remix of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”

Well, this is strange.
Kanye and Miley swing from big balls News

Happy Kanye is the New Sad Kanye

Everybody meme ... whoops ... meet Happy Kanye!
Lilly Allen Hard Out Here Yellow Real Talk

An Open Letter to Lily Allen & Miley Cyrus: Stop Twerking, It’s Racist!

Twerking may be universal, however, pegging it to black women only has racist undertones.
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How To Survive The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC 2013 Model Apocalypse

New Yok City braces itself as models invade for Fall Fashion Week 2013. Here's what to do!
Miley Cyrus in Big Sean's new music video Fire Music Video

Big Sean “Fire” ft. Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus takes center stage for Big Sean's new music video.
The Treacherous Three Miley TV

The Treacherous Three: The Female Child Stars Owning Their “Grown Up” Image

We break down the three women on the scene owning their sexy new images. Can you guess who made the cut ?