Mike Giant

CRUEL SUMMER Group Exhibition Art

Roger Gastman’s “CRUEL SUMMER” Group Exhibition

Join us to experience this truly diversified body of work.
Mike Giant Major Lazer Graffiti

Major Lazer and Pharrell Team Up With Mike Giant For “Aerosol Can”

Aerosol can, bom bom bom bom.
Mike Giant Hieroglyphics Feature Art

Decoding “Modern Hieroglyphics” With Mike Giant

A one-on-one lesson in symbol demystification.
Mike Giant Stay Gold Print

Mike Giant On Meditation and Staying Gold

Jason Goldwatch interviews San Francisco's Mike Giant about transcendental awareness and spirit consciousness.
Handselecta Mike Giant Art

Watch Mike Giant’s Handstyle History Lesson With Handselecta

Fill-ins, pieces, tattoos and fine art, Mike Giant is a man of many talents.
Karina-by-Mike-Giant Art

Con Safos: Legendary Artist Mike Giant

There’s a certain something that happened at some point for me around the late ’80s while growing up in the West between whiteboy ...