Method Man

method-man-dustin-lee-abraham Features

How a Speech & Forensics Coach Wrote the Script for ‘How High’

Featuring Jewish mobsters, Russell Simmons, a softcore porn director and Sticky Fingers stealing weed
mothers-day-daily-op Video

Your Mama Got a Peg Leg With a Kickstand

Happy Mother's Day!
Staten Island's own Hanz On premieres his final album, 'BARCA,' with 'Mass Appeal.' Music

PREMIERE: Hanz On’s Career Comes Full Circle With Final Album ‘BARCA’

Meth, Rae and Dek guest on the Wu Tang affiliate's new project
screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-6-21-29-pm Music

Listen to Method Man’s ‘Luke Cage’ Contribution, “Bulletproof Love,” Featuring A...

It doesn't get anymore hip hop than 'Luke Cage'
wu-tang-freestyle-1997 Music

Listen To This Hour-Long Wu-Tang Freestyle Session From 1997

Wu-Tang forever, motherfuckers!
KEANU Features

The Best of Method Man’s Horribly Good Roles

From Silas P. Silas to Cheese, we take a look at the Ticallion Stallion's acting chops
TriggerFinger Music

PREMIERE: Triggerfinger ft. Method Man “The One”

The Wu emcee jumps on the Belgian rock band's infectious track.
Method Man "Straight Gutta" Video Music

Method Man ft. Redman, Streetlife, and HanzOn “Straight Gutta” Video

Even after a 9-year absence, Meth still knows how to channel energy into his visuals.
Method Man 'The Meth Lab' Album Stream Music

Method Man ‘The Meth Lab’ Album Stream

Does Meth still got it? That shouldn't even be a question.
Method-Man-RZA Music

Method Man Calls Wu-Tang’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ 88-Year Ban “Stupid”

RZA and producer Cilvaringz took to Twitter to respond.
Wu-Tang Clan Staten Island Features

Take a Wu-Tang Clan Tour of Shaolin

Mass Appeal explores the projects, neighborhoods, and other locations mentioned in Wu-Tang Clan's lyrics.
I Used to Be Music

Redman and Method Man “I Used To Be” Video

Reggie and Meth will house you.
Who has the largest vocabulary in hip hop? Music

Who is Rap’s Genius? Science Has the Answer

Find out where your favorite rappers rank.
Picture of music video director Jonah Schwartz behind the camera Director's Chair

Director’s Chair: Jonah Schwartz

Everyone loves a grimey '90s video.
Is there a How High Sequel? Film

A Potential “How High” Sequel Has Us Conflicted

Can we get much higher?
Jason Ano Pic Director's Chair

Director’s Chair: Jason Ano

Music video directors don't get enough shine these days. That's why we're turning the lens on them.