racist-cop-facebook News

Cop Posts To Facebook About Drowning Daughter For Dating “Negroes”

Racist, potential child murderer and Dallas Cowboys fan
trump-tweets News

Trump Out-Trumps Himself, Gives World Leaders Cell Number, Invents “Covfefe”

Totally "winning" at being a total joke
Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Khristen Wilson

"I feel like Budden cares about Yachty."

Pepe the Frog Dies for Our Sins

Creator kills cartoon hijacked by white nationalists
Joe Biden confesses that he loves the Biden/Obama memes News

Joe Biden Loves Joe Biden Memes, Too

Shout out to Old Man Joe
affleck_sad_meme_response News

Yes, Ben Affleck Knows All About ‘Sad Affleck’

He's finally broken his silence
thug_my_jeffrey_cover Music

Everything Goin’ On With Young Thug’s “No, My Name is JEFFERY”

Look, Listen, Learn
Jack Dorsey Twitter 140 Character Limit Increase Tech/Games

Making Sense of Twitter’s Rumored 140-Character Limit Increase

Push it to the limit, and then redefine the limit.
Ricky Powell photography New York Crimes Events

Ricky Powell’s Photography in “Oh No He Didn’t!”

The Rickster's latest photo set and collaboration with Memes comes to Klughaus Gallery.