Medical Marijuana

Rodger Stone News

Weed Doesn’t Need You, Roger Stone

Ever heard of Roger Stone? Good for you if you haven't.
marijuana-medication-marley Features

Damian Marley’s Song Says Marijuana Is “Medication”; These Videos Prove It

Jr. Gong speaks on patient testimonials and why #CannabisHeals
Jeff Sessions News

Jeff “I Hate Weed” Sessions Wants To Prosecute Medical Herb Providers

"Dangerous drug traffickers... threaten American lives"
hemp-oil-cbd News

Mexico City Study Shows CBD Oil Reduces Seizures For 84% Of Patients

Another reason Mexico rocks
medical marijuana Drugs

Ohio Votes to Legalize Limited Medical Marijuana

If Governor Kasich signs the bill, Ohio will become the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana
massroots Drugs

Marijuana Social Network MassRoots Denied Stock Market Listing

The decision could make it difficult for legitimate marijuana businesses to raise capital
nonprofit marijuana dispensary Drugs

San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop Will Become a Nonprofit Marijuana Dispensary

From now on, High Bridge will be associated with medicine, not violence
california marijuana dispensary Drugs

Federal Prosecutors Drop Forfeiture Case Against California Marijuana Dispensary

"It’s past time for the federal government to stop standing between these patients and their medicine.”
medical marijuana Drugs

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal in Pennsylvania

"It is among our proudest moments and it is our gift for generations to come."
marijuana reclassification Drugs

The DEA Will Consider Marijuana Reclassification by Mid-2016

"For too long Schedule I status for marijuana has been a barrier for necessary research.”
legal marijuana sales Drugs

Oregon Just Made $3.5 Million in One Month From Taxing Legal Marijuana Sales

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission only expected to make $8 million in the first two years of legalization
multiple sclerosis Drugs

Colorado University Crowdfunds Study on Marijuana as Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Colorado is an ideal state for this study because 1 out of every 420 Coloradans has MS
legal pot Drugs

Over $5 Billion of Legal Pot Was Sold in the U.S. Last Year

"You won't find another industry growing at that kind of clip."
medical marijuana Drugs

Facebook Is Deleting Business Pages for Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana users won't like this.

A Canadian Company Is Making Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods

These crafty Canadians have come up with a better way to wake and bake.
ClintonSanders Drugs

Democratic Presidential Candidates Support Removing Marijuana From Schedule I

Marijuana advocates have many great reasons to vote Democratic next year.