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FDA Does Something Good, Okays Clinical Trials of MDMA To Treat PTSD

Now can the DEA remove its Schedule I classification?
300mg of Pure MDMA Drugs

MDMA-Assisted Therapy Could Be Legal Within 5 Years

MAPS is meeting with the FDA to plan Phase 3 trials, which could pave the way for FDA approval by 2021
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Study Finds Over 40% of Ecstasy Users Have Unknowingly Taken Bath Salts

“A lot of people don’t know what ecstasy is supposed to feel like, because they have been taking bath salts the whole time”
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Rick Doblin: MDMA Could Be Legal for Psychotherapy by 2021

83% of patients reported that their symptoms had abated after only two sessions of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.
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DEA Approves Trials Using MDMA for Anxiety Treatment

It is not yet known whether glowsticks are also provided with the therapy.
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Scientists Say Psychedelic Drugs “Are as Safe as Riding a Bike”

If you trust science, please go do some drugs.
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DEA Approves MDMA for Anxiety Treatment

The public support for therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs is growing.
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10 Wesleyan University Students Hospitalized From ‘Molly’ Overdose

Authorities believe the students were served a bad batch.
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Playboy Hopeful and Pilot Found With 50,000 Ecstasy Pills and 40 Kilos of MDMA

The two Canadians had some 'splaining to do.
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Godfather of Ecstasy Dies at Age 88

Meet Molly's real Father.
The World Loves Molly 2014 Report Drugs

Does America Really Love Molly?

MDMA got you feeling like a champion?
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Thizz Faces: A Woman’s Reaction to 4 ‘Molly’ Rap Songs

A woman's perspective on rap songs about MDMA.