marijuana-medication-marley Features

Damian Marley’s Song Says Marijuana Is “Medication”; These Videos Prove It

Jr. Gong speaks on patient testimonials and why #CannabisHeals
ShaleenTitleMarijuanaAdvocate1100750massappeal Features

Hey, You’re Cool! Shaleen Title

"If you look at the polls, marijuana is much more popular than Trump and his administration"
MassAppealHigherPurpose Video

Higher Purpose: Bia & The LOX Defend The Weed

"How many people has weed killed?"
promo Video

Higher Purpose: Why BJ The Chicago Kid Smokes Weed

"If people really understood the real healing process..."
Ganjapreneur (1) Features

Do New Weed Laws Really Matter for Ganjapreneurs of Color?

Getting high is fine, but who's getting paid?
snoop dogg, deray davis, lil duval star in the trailer for 'grow house' Film

Snoop’s 4/20 Flick ‘Grow House’ Looks Ridiculous—And We’ll All Go See It Anyway

What better way to spend the stoner holiday?
hunter_s_thompson_weed_clone Drugs

Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow is Cloning His Famous Weed

Smoke like Hunter
weed_plant_50_philly Drugs

Clueless Philly Narcotics Cops Seize World’s Most Expensive Pot Plant

50k for that?!!! FOH
marijuana-1114713_960_720 Drugs

Study Shows That Weed May Give You Night Vision

Knew it!
berkeley_amoeba_music_marijuana_liscense Drugs

Amoeba Music Now Licensed to Sell Weed

New hope for the record store industry
parents_smoke_weed_more_teens Drugs

Middle-Aged Parents Smoking More Weed Than Their Delinquent Teenage Kids

Is weed officially uncool?
long-term marijuana use Drugs

Long-Term Marijuana Use Has Few Negative Health Effects

A new study finds there's only one major health risk
massroots Drugs

Marijuana Social Network MassRoots Denied Stock Market Listing

The decision could make it difficult for legitimate marijuana businesses to raise capital
adolescent marijuana use Drugs

Study Finds Adolescent Marijuana Use Has Been Declining Since 2002

Even as more states legalize pot, fewer teens are getting high
narco tunnel Drugs

Police Seize 1,500 Pounds of Pot from Narco Tunnel Under Mexican Border

For every tunnel that is found, as many as 10 could go undetected
recreational marijuana Drugs

Canada Is Planning to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in 2017

The grass is getting greener on the other side of the border