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Knowledge Darts Vol. 24: The Dangers Of Pivoting To Video

And other concerns
ross-iphone Tech/Games

Hip Hop’s Best iPhone Moments

The O.G. smart phone turns ten today
Macklemore Ryan Lewis Downtown Real Talk

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: Trickin’ and Treatin’

The duo's talent and creativity are undeniable, but equally undeniable is the fact that the success they enjoy is due in large par...
Macklemore Hot 97 Interview Music

Macklemore Talks White Privilege and Cultural Appropriation in the Music Industr...

With over a decade in the game, it's clear Macklemore understand the importance of hip hop culture.
macklemore-kendrick-header News

Kendrick Lamar Says Macklemore Went ‘Too Far’ After Grammys, Emcees Sensitive

A sincere answer to a lightning rod question.
anti-semitic Macklemore News

Macklemore Kind-of-Sort-of Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Costume

This week in Macklemore being Macklemore.
"Spectacle: The Music Video" Exhibition Opening News

Macklemore’s Stage Outfit Offends Jews and Everyone Else

XXL Freshmen Stats News

XXL Freshmen Cover By the Numbers

What does being a XXL freshmen mean, really?
Photo of music artist Macklemore, who officially unveiled his collaboration with Jordan Brand this weekend. Kick Game

Macklemore Unveils the Melo M10 “Northwest King Salmon,” aka the “Thrift Shop” o...

Color-coordination has a new meaning.
Macklemore's Thrift Shop is the best rap song of all time. Real Talk

“Thrift Shop” is the Best Rap Song Ever

Don't all clap at once.
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In The Ignorant Denial of Beastie Boys Square, We Let The People Speak

The block is hot with a 2014 street-naming hip hop battle.
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Hollis: Singer. Rapper. Producer. Poet. Grammy Nominee.

Hollis isn't just a pretty face.
jtrtmccollage Music

No Black Artist Topped the Billboard Hot 100 Charts in 2013

Not one black artist topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013, find out why.
Christies-Auction-Basquiat-Thumbnail Art

Christie’s Jean-Michel Basquiat Online Video Series

Christie's Auction House explores the life Jean-Michel Basquiat via an online video series that features interviews with graffiti ...