like-pac-div-songs-made-while-high-miss-me-with-that Music

PREMIERE: Like of Pac Div ‘Songs Made While High’ LP and “Miss Me With That” Video

Stay inside and bump this
LIKE Music

PREMIERE: LIKE “Blah Loops” ft. Kali Uchis

This LIKE track is hard not to like
Like 'Emeralds' Album Music

LIKE (of Pac Div) ‘Emeralds’ Album Stream

14 tracks proving LIKE can produce just as well as he raps
LIKE of Pac Div Seasons Music

PREMIERE: LIKE (of Pac Div) “Seasons”

A wavering instrumental evocative of footwork and chillwave without adhering to the archetypes of either genre.
Like and Shamon Cassette release the video for the track "Wing Tips." Music

PREMIERE: Like (of Pac Div) and Shamon Cassette “Wingtips” Video

Bathrobes and low-rider bikes.
Like of Pac Div speaks on becoming a producer Music

Like (of Pac Div) Discusses How He Got Started Producing

Pac Div MC and producer Like sits down to discuss how he got his start.