Run_DMC News

Run-DMC’s Darryl Mac Suing Mega Retailers for Fucking With His Paper

Give the pioneer his due.
baking_soda_mass_appeal Crime

Ohio Supreme Court: FOH With That Stepped On Shit, How Much Real Cocaine Is In T...

"The state must prove that the weight of the actual cocaine, excluding the weight of any filler materials, meets the statutory thr...
roor_bongs Drugs

RooR To Smoke Shops Selling Knockoffs: Stop Fucking With Our Luxury Bong Brand

"This is junk — with our client’s name right on the face of it." -Bong attorney
Starbucks News

Cop Spills Free Hot Coffee on Himself, Sues Starbucks for $50K

The '90s are back, including lawsuits over hot coffee.
pink cover band singer not attractive enough News

Singer of Pink Cover Band Sued for Lack of Sex Appeal

There's a price for being too old and ugly.
Mom Mural Graffiti In The Chi Will Become Parent's Responsibility Graffiti

Write Graffiti? Chicago PD Will Sue Your Mom

Ya moms aint safe, B.
Fishbone Mosh Pit Real Talk

Protect Ya Neck, But Don’t Sue the Band

If you can't handle the mosh don't stand in the front row.