drone News

The LAPD Probably Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Have Drones

Let’s be honest, their track record sucks
wyclef jean News

Ready Or Not, Wyclef Jean Vows To Sue LAPD After Getting Cuffed

“I was appalled by this behavior”
deadly force News

LAPD Commissioners Call for Policy Change to Limit Use of Deadly Force

“The best cops think with their heads and not their fists."
unarmed homeless man killed by LAPD News

LAPD Chief Recommends Charges Against Cop Who Killed Unarmed Homeless Man

It has been 15 years since a LAPD officer has been charged for an on-duty shooting.
Brownside News

’90s Rap Group’s LAPD Stalker “Promo Video” Results in Arrests

They say all press is good press, but this promo has the LAPD locking people up.
Bodycam Knowledge

LAPD Officers Will Begin Wearing Body Cameras This Monday

In a state where cops have killed almost 100 people in just six months, body cams may help bring some accountability.
la-ol-rall-lapd-crosswalk-tickets News

LAPD Convinced the LA Times to Fire a Cartoonist Who Criticized Cops

“It was easier for The Los Angeles Times to throw a cartoonist under a bus than it was to stand by him in the face of institutiona...
LosFeliz News

Unarmed Man Shot by LAPD in Los Feliz

Cops claimed that the man had a gun, but no weapon was found at the scene.
lapd-shoot-homeless-man-header News

Video Shows LAPD Officer Shoot and Kill Homeless Man

A scuffle between six Los Angeles police officers and two homeless people ended one man's life.
Two LAPD Officers Ambushed in Shooting News

Two LAPD Officers Ambushed in Shooting

According to reports, two armed individuals stepped into the road and opened fire on the officers' patrol car.
TI and Game image News

Game and T.I. Involved in Tense LAPD Standoff

Shit gets ugly outside this L.A. club.
Drones Over Compton Video News

Drones Over Compton: LAPD Plays Big Brother

Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang.
dorner-tattoo-mr_trigz_2 News

Is This the First Christopher Dorner Tribute Tattoo?

L.A. artist Mr. Trigz of Sin City Tattoo and Body Piercing does the first Christopher Dorner tattoo.
The Ghost of Rodney King Real Talk

The Ghost of Rodney King –by Sacha Jenkins SHR

You Killed Rodney back in ’92, LAPD. And the media thereafter has been promoting the Ghost of Rodney King.