Kool AD

kool-ad-sky-ladder-idio-gallery-trump Music

If You Ask Kool A.D. About Trump, Expect A Long Answer

"Chaos is part of the brand"
lushlife_idols+enemies Music

Lushlife Is Joined By Killer Mike, Kool AD and Others On “My Idols Are Dead And ...

This mixtape full of rappers, scholars, writers and poets isn't meant to make you feel better; it's meant to make you feel mad
kool_ad_subway_graffiti Features

Reminiscing On NYC Graffiti Legend ANGEL DUSTER aka KOOL AD

"Have some trust in Angel Dust." -KOOL AD
Hot Sugar Leverage Bump That

Hot Sugar “Leverage” ft. KOOL AD, Fat Tony, Lakutis & Nasty Nigel

Producer Hot Sugar delivers a lesson in strange the video for his track 'Leverage', featuring rappers, KOOL AD, Fat Tony, Lakutis ...
fat-tony-smart-ass-black-boy Music

AUDIO: Fat Tony “Hood Party” Feat. Kool A.D. & Despot

Fat Tony’s “Hood Party” is one part ode to reveling in a recently gentrified neighborhood and two parts high-level shit talking fr...
das-racist1 SHR

An Open Letter to Das Racist

I just learned about your break-up, and I am deeply saddened.
das-racist-girl-video-goatface Music Video

Das Racist “Girl”

There’s a thin line between flirtatious and creepy–and the lovestruck dance-stalker in this clip for Das Racist’s “Girl” prances a...