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North Korea Just Fired A Missile That Could Reach Alaska

"The American bastards must be quite unhappy" —Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump’s Day of Vomiting Word Garbage

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Defector Sends Thousands of Copies of ‘The Interview’ to North Korea

Perhaps the next delivery will also include popcorn.
Osama and Kim Video

The Viral Video North Korea Doesn’t Want You to Watch

North Korea needs to learn how to play nice with bullies.
Korea responds to "The Interview" Film

North Korea is Pretty Pissed at James Franco and Seth Rogen

Kim Jong-un don't play that shit!
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Seth Rogen and James Franco Duke it Out With Kim Jong-un in “The Interview”

International Men of Hilarity
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Kill Capitalists as Kim Jong-un in “Glorious Leader!”

All hail our "Glorious Leader!"