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Kim Dotcom Tech/Games

Kim Dotcom Is Creating His Own Private Internet

Kim Dotcom has had enough of government surveillance.
Kim Dotcom Mega 3.0 Tech/Games

Kim Dotcom Plans to Launch Mega 3.0

Will the third try be a charm for Dotcom, or is this another road to fed time?
Malware News

Megaupload Sites Seized by Department of Justice Have Become Scam Sites

Kim Dotcom has suggested that the Department of Justice send its lawyers “back to law school.”
Edward-Snowden News

Edward Snowden and Kim Dotcom Discuss Internet Privacy at New Yorker Festival

Virtual interviews with two Internet privacy heavyweights.
Portrait Session with MEGA Limited Executives News

Kim Dotcom Promises $5 Million Bounty to Whistleblowers

Cash for conspiracy.