Kevin Durant

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Meet the Woman Who Told the World About Kevin Durant’s Alleged Face-Farting Fetish

More details on the other drafts NBA fans want to know about
kevin durant dave east studio News

Dave East and Kevin Durant Reunite in the Studio

Which ‘Watch the Throne’ beat will they attack this time?
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Kevin Durant Can’t Remember Which OKC Gal He Let Fart in His Face

Notes from a rather bizarre Twitter Q&A
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Lil B Finally Let Kevin Durant Get a Ring

Thank You Based God
draymond recruited kd to the warriors from the game 7 parking lot last summer Sports

Draymond Green Was Still in the Game 7 Parking Lot When He Recruited Kevin Durant

The Masterplan to Stop LeBron James, Step #1
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Don’t Forget, Kevin Durant and Dave East Hit the Studio in 2011

Proof that maybe there's a reason that song with LeBron stayed a secret
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Were LeBron and KD Plotting to Drop the NBA’s ‘Watch the Throne’?

The two currently warring basketball stars might have had a recording session in 2011.
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Jay Electronica Drops His Annual Facemelter, “Letter to Falon”

The Halley's Comet of hip hop
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The Kevin Durant and Rihanna Beef is Just What the Finals Needed

Didn't they tell you I was a savage?
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Entire West Team Warms Up Under One Hoop, Russ Uses the Other

is it tip-off yet is it tip-off yet is it tip-off yet is it tip-off yet is it t
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Kevin Durant Was Introduced As “OKC’s Own” At All-Star Last Night

one job bro
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Russell Westbrook Didn’t Want His Teammates to Greet a Certain “B*tch Ass” Warri...

"Don't say what up to that b*tch ass n***a"
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Nas Gives Kevin Durant Advice on How to Navigate a Rivalry

Nas speaks from experience when it comes to beef
KD8 N7 Style

Nike KD8 N7

Nike's newest KD8 model is a vibrant nod to Native American Heritage Month.
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LIL B THE BASEDGOD Reacts to Kevin Durant’s Foot Fracture

Kevin Durant Sports

LIL B THE BASEDGOD Lifts Curse on Kevin Durant

Blessings for Kevin Durant.