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peter liang News

Peter Liang Will Not Go to Jail for Killing Akai Gurley

The judge overruled the jury's decision and gave Liang a lighter charge.
Peter Liang News

Prosecutor Won’t Seek Jail Time for Peter Liang Over Akai Gurley Shooting

Would Akai Gurley be sentenced to prison if he had accidentally shot Peter Liang?
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The Innocence Project Helps Exonerate Brooklyn Man After 25 Years in Prison

“It’s frightening how easy it is to convict an innocent person in this country.”
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Gang Rape Charges Against Five Brooklyn Teens Dismissed

This supposed rape turned out to be a tale of consensual public sex and incest
Brooklyn DA Weed 2014 Update Drugs

BK High All Day: DA Relaxes Drug Laws

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson claims he won't prosecute smokers caught with "small amounts" of weed.