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Even Kellyanne Conway Thinks Sean Spicer Has a Shit Life

She'd rather 'slit her wrists'
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Kellyanne Conway Implies Obama May Have Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump

kellyanne-conway-encourages-americans-to-go-buy-ivankas-stuff-potentially-violating-ethics-rules News

Trump’s Ethics Lawyers Flipped Out Over Conway’s Ivanka Infomercial

Breaking Federal Law on live television
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Kellyanne Conway Trolled by Hero Lawyer During Selfie Video

"Ruining America" so much better than "cheese"
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Kellyanne Conway Said “Bowling Green Massacre” in Two Separate Interviews Prior ...

Conway said she made a mistake, but she'd said it twice before
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Kellyanne Conway Claims Obama Enacted Refugee Ban After “Bowling Green Massacre”...

There have to be cameras rolling, somewhere