Keith Haring

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Keith Haring Mural May Soon Be Destroyed, Or Not

The building it's in could be having a change in ownership real soon
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How to Understand Keith Haring’s Work in a Post-Kardashian World

The late artist was a product and parent of the popular street art movement.

Janette Beckman’s Hip Hop Mash Up 2014

Kickin' It Old School
Keith Haring Paints 'Crack Is Wack' Art

The Original Version of Keith Haring’s “Crack Is Wack” Mural Revealed

In other news, crack is still whack.
Photo of the Kaith Haring x Reebok "Crack is Wack" Pack. Style

Keith Haring x Reebok “Crack is Wack” Pack

These Pumps are straight crack though.
Google Keith Haring Art

Keith Haring Coming of Age

Google's homepage pops to the graf style of Keith Haring. The salute to the art world's icon arrives on his born day, also a month...