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Brooklyn Made

Lordz of Brooklyn frontman Kaves drops science on his career in rap and graf.
52207_357269534365122_1263915459_o Graffiti

7 Points on 5 Pointz: Remembering the Graffiti Haven

With 5 Pointz erased over night, we reached out to seven graffiti players to weigh in on the buffing of the legendary sight.

KAVES at the New York Public Library

Today head to the New York Public Library for a special conversation with graffiti writer and tattoo artist Michael "KAVES" McLeer...
Kaves-Jag5 Wheels

The Jaguar XK-R Comes “Alive” With Mr. Kaves’ Artwork

Anybody else out there miss the days of the automotive co-star? You grown and sexy folk out there know what we mean; the four-whee...

Beastie Boys New Video Round Up

With the passing of MCA, the internet has been abuzz with new (and old) Beastie Boys content. In this post we compile three video...