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Justin Bieber’s Swollen Balls Led to a Hospital Lawsuit

Just another day in the life of The Biebs
Vic Mensa slams R. Kelly for his alleged abuse of young women. News

Vic Mensa Slams R. Kelly: “It’s Officially Time For His Ass To Get Locked Up”

"I can't keep putting 'Remix To Ignition' above all these young girls"
Justin Bieber News

Justin Bieber Finds God, Hits Cameraman With Big-Ass Truck

"You guys are all in front of the whip" he said after hitting a photographer.
justin bieber cancels 'purpose' tour News

Justin Bieber May Be Quitting Music And We Literally Have God to Thank

The singer’s quest for salvation could save us all
watch dj khaled's new "im the one" video Music Video

Does DJ Khaled Have Another Song of the Summer Candidate?

Watch "I'm the One," feat. Chance, Lil Wayne, Bieber and Quavo
fake News

A Brief History Of People Who Have Attempted To Faux Sisqó Their Way To Fame

Everybody wants the star treatment
justin-bieber-purpose-retna-01 Art

RETNA Designed Justin Bieber’s Album Artwork?!

Beliebers worldwide are confused why retina is misspelled.
Instagram Purge News

The Biggest Losers From the Instagram Purge

They didn't like it.
Trey Songz Kimmel Music

Trey Songz Performs “Na Na” & “Foreign” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Oh na na na!
young JB News

Justin Bieber Sings Racist Song About Joining KKK

Biebs has no chill.
Justin Bieber N Word Video News

Justin Bieber: Never Say N***a

Here's another reason to join our deport Justin Bieber campaign.
Justin Bieber is being investigated for Attempted Robbery News

Biebz Thievz: Justin Bieber Accused of Attempted Robbery

Send Biebz back to Canada.
The Plastics screenshot Music

Celebrity Look-A-Likes Produce Vomit-Inducing Music Video

Hopefully, this will deter you from ever getting plastic surgery.
Flatbush Zombies 9792 Music Video Music Video

Flatbush Zombies & Trash Talk “97.92” Video

This video goes a full 360 degrees.
Boy/Friend at Mass Appeal in grey Nike hoodie Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! BOY/FRIEND

"A lot of people are on this sad boy shit right now. We're trying to bring something brighter."
Skull Fortune Teller Crystal Ball On The Grind

The 2014 Skateboard Forecast

Call us now for your free and confidential skateboard forecast!